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Thaayrohaydi praying
Thaayrohaydi praying

Atlantean Healing
Certification Program

The International Indigenous University presents:

Atlantean Healing Certification Program
with Dabadi Thaayrohyadi
Ancient Wisdom for a New Humanity
A Return to Cosmic Order

An Initiation into the Healing Traditions of the Sacred
Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan Lineage

The Otomi are the people known in the past as the Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan civilization. They are the wisdom keepers of their ancestors - the Atlanteans and Lemurians. This spiritual tradition hasn't disappeared, it continues living in the central area of Mexico. If your heart is called to connect with this powerful world, especially the pyramids, ceremonial centers, natural sites, sacred mountains, springs and rivers, then this Healing Program is for you.

This mystical experience will connect you with the elements of power of the Atlantean tradition with meditations, ceremonies, medicine wheels and cosmic healing. The teachings are experiential to intensify your spiritual growth. You are invited to be in touch with the healing power of sound and ancestral symbols that can open doors to explore your sacred place on this earth.

Although this Certification Program is the first step in a series of studies for dedicated students, it is a powerful immersion into the curriculum of the Atlantean Healing Model, and builds in power with initiations into the Atlantean tradition of the Otomi Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan guardians.

Phase I.

'Mui - Atlantean Vision
The Universe and First Humanity
Balance with our Body
Health and Sickness
Peace and Harmony with All
Happiness and Wellness

Phase II.

Mahki 'Nu - Sacred Life
Puxki - Return to Origin
Tso - Feeling with all Senses
Hnahki - Living Prophecy
Harmony Quest
Tsoya - Atlantean Meditation
Olmec Toltec Teotihuacan Meditation
Hna - Sacred Symbols and Codes
Mahki Za - Sacred Tree
'Nonfeni - Awakening DNA

Phase III.

'Nuhmuu - Ancestral Language
Nithi - Cosmic Healing
Mahki Ngu - Sacred Spaces for Healing
Guru - Medicine Wheel
Nthithi - Sacred Geometry
Medepa - Sacred Calendars
Ya Pa - Chakra Balancing
Nthuhki - Cleansing of Aura

Phase IV.

Nzuni - Sound Healing
Xihto - Crystal Healing
Pado - Healing with Stones
Hini - Healing of Silence
Ts'edi - Healing with Cosmic Energy
Tsihna - Healing with Breaths
Kuhu - Healing with Colors
Yuni - Healing with Essences
Xi'oni - Healing with Feathers
Njoxti - Healing with Atlantean Massage
Hnei - Healing with Sacred Dances
Thuhu - Healing with Sacred Songs
Ntzuni - Healing with Acupuncture &
He'mi - Healing with Sacred Papers

Phase V.

Dehe - Healing with Water
Hoi - Healing with Earth
Ndahi - Healing with Wind
Tsibi - Healing with Fire
Yoti - Healing with Light
Hyadi - Healing with Sun
Zana - Healing with Moon
Tihta - Healing House & Sweat Lodge

Phase VI.

Hmadi - Power of Love
'Mui ra Zo - Power of Peace
Nthede - Power of Laugh and Smile
Tso - Power of Touch
Mahki Nxo - Power of Sacred Ceremonies
Mahki Paxi - Power of Masters Plants
Mahki Zu'mi - Power of Animals
T'ii - The Power of Dreaming
Xodi - The Power of Prayers
Mahki Nija - Power of Pyramids
Mahki Ohki - Power of Caves
Togi Dehe - Power of Water Falls
Pathe - Power of Hot Springs
Mahki T'oho - Power of Mountains

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