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Thaayrohyadi at Sacred Waterfall
Thaayrohyadi at Sacred Waterfall


MISSION - Unity in Diversity

We believe that social, physical, emotional. mental and spiritual health is a sovereign right of all humanity. There exists a great diversity of ways to live, and all of them provide happiness and well being as long as their development is not at the expense or the sacrifice of others.

Indigenous peoples are part of this one great human family and are ready to contribute to the solutions of the enormous problems that face humanity today.

The western society must understand and finally accept that Indigenous peoples have the capacity to determine self-sufficiency; that a single form of life does not exist to represent well-being and progress for all.

We wish to transmit, in a formal way, the ancestral knowledge of Mother Earth from our many Indigenous cultures, and to, of course, project that wisdom into all acts of life and into all technical and professional activities.


  • To provide Indigenous education, as well as opportunities for the development of Indigenous peoples.
  • To promote and spread all manifestations of science, education, languages, arts, spirituality and the ancestral wisdom of First Nations.
  • To offer workshops, mentoring and training programs in the following disciplines:
    • Indigenous Spirituality - Cosmo-Vision and Ceremonies as a Sacred Way
    • Native Arts - Ancestral Music, Sacred Songs, Painting, Sculpture, Beadwork, Weaving, Basketry, etc.
    • Sacred Sciences - Astronomy, Calendars, Numerology, Sacred Geometry, Cosmic Engineering (Architecture)
    • Indigenous Languages - Emphasizing Native Tongues
    • Healing Arts - Traditional Medicine, Herbs, Energy Healing, Cosmic Sound, Atlantean Healing Techniques, Somatic Archaeology, etc.
    • Indigenous Rights - Self-Determination, Sovereignty and Treaties for Peace and Development of our Nations
    • Mother Earth Wisdom - Philosophical and Practical Knowledge for Cultivating Harmony with Nature
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