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Thaayrohyadi, quite appropriately, is translated from the Otomi language to mean "the shine of the sun". It is the light of the sun before the globe crosses the horizon. Dabadi ThaayrohyadiNot sunshine, but rather the rays of light that illuminate the day as it begins and just as it ends. Thaayrohyadi represents the dawn and the dusk, before the rise and after the set, where all life symbolically begins and ends.

As founder and Executive Director of the International Indigenous University, Thaayroyadi is a traditional healer who travels internationally offering teachings and ceremonies in the ways of his ancestors. With a Masters degree in Peace and Development Studies, he is a specialist on the subject of ethnic conflicts, culture and spirituality, self determination and indigenous rights. He is also a Prophecy Keeper and Guardian of the Sacred Fire of the Council of the Otomi Nation, founder of the Council of Indian Peoples and Organizations of the State of Mexico, and a member of the Council of Indigenous Priests of the Americas.

An indigenous poet and the author of numerous books on the power of cosmic sound, he is the author of The Sacred Word, The Word of Blossoming Flowers of the Otomi Olmec, Offering to our Ancestors, The Medicine of the Cosmic Sound and Sacred Songs of the Otomi Olmecs.

This sacred man lives and breathes the thrill of his ancestral hum. As a
wisdom keeper whose life is lead by ritual and daily ceremonies of prayer and gratitude "sunrise ceremonies, tree ceremonies, wind ceremonies, water ceremonies" all intended to heal Mother Earth, Dabadi Thaayrohyadi is exemplary of humility and devotion.

Through and through, he is a Sacred Man for a Troubled Time; not a prophet, but rather a vociferous tribute to the personification of divine leadership. A guiding principle for his people and an inspiration not only to his community but to the global family as a whole, we are graced beyond measure to be able to share in his brilliant presence, to capture a fragment of the beauty that is his heart, and to send it out in all directions.

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